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Parking is relatively easy in Broadstone. There are 3 things to know and do:

1. Parking in the two Council Car Parks is £1.00 for 1 hour, £1.50 for 2 hours and they are found in Story Lane and in Station Approach. Click here for the map.

2. On Street Parking is free for 30 minutes, then 60 minutes and without limit the further you get from the Broadway (except where the signs and markings tell you not to park). Please respect residential and business access.

3. The Toast Rack in the Broadway is ideal for short term parking (30 minutes or less). However, it is sometimes full and more often - it looks like it is full. It has become common for drivers to wait at the entry point even though there are spaces further along. This causes:

  • Cars to back up into the The Broadway and often into the Roundabout.
  • Driver stress and much hooting of horns.

    For quicker and more orderly parking PLEASE KEEP MOVING ALONG THE TOAST RACK

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