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About Broadstone and the Village Website

Broadstone is a suburb of Poole with a community and commercial centre that is known locally as the Village.

Broadstone has a rural history with industry developing in the 19th Century and local shops emerging to serve local people. The suburb developd at the crossroads formed by road and rail and over time the Ward has grown to have over 4000 homes and a population of 10,000.

For more history and information find your way to Broadstone.net and/ or locate a copy of 'A New History of Broadstone' by Margaret Roebuck & Julia Wenham. A copy is held in Broadstone Library.

The Village is the host to established churches, schools, shops and services.

Village retail and services not only boast the availability of staple products but also provide choice too. What other suburb has a centre with two butchers, two bakers and two greengrocers. There are also two supermarkets,two pubs, several cafes and a number of restaurant. It even has a Leisure Centre providing numerous sports and activities.

The Chamber of Trade and Commerce, referred to as the Broadstone Business Community, is the only dedicated suburban Chamber of Trade in Dorset (others cover whole Towns) and represents all the businesses and the communty needs for retail, services and leisure.

In a special survey if residents it was understood that if customers are to spend more time (and money) in their retail centre they expect to feel Welcome, Respected, Have Choice and Value for money, feel satisfied and Safe.

These are the priorities for the Chamber of Trade in their pursuit to make Broadstone First Choice for Retail, Services and Leisure.

This website is the collective shop window for Broadstone and allows visitors to see everything that is on offer and available.

"Meeting the Broadstone Customer Expectation to feel welcome and respected, to have choice and value, to be satisfied and safe"