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About Broadstone Business Community

The Broadstone Chamber of Trade and Commerce is the only dedicated suburban Chamber of Trade in Dorset (others cover whole Towns) and represents all the businesses that are located in and / or operate in Broadstone.

Our Vision is To Make Broadstone the First Choice for Retail, Services and leisure and we have a mission to achieve this by increasing custom by 10% year on year.

In a special survey of residents it was understood that if customers are to spend more time (and money) in their retail centre they expect to feel Welcome, Respected, Have Choice and Value for money, feel satisfied and Safe. This is what the Chamber and member businesses aim to achieve.

Businesses choose to join the association and are able to promote themselves through the Village website. However, whilst this gives a marketing lead to members, the purpose of the Business Community is to improve the economy for all Broadstone businesses and residents. The more members the more that can be achieved.

Our strategy for 2014/15 supports our Vision to Make Broadstone First Choice and we have set a notional aspiration to improve custom by 10% year on year. This is challenging to measure but provides a collective purpose. The Business Community has a number of Priorities:

Vitalising the Local Economy Supporting Our Members Engaging Business and Community Supporting Chamber-wide Interests

Businesses located in or operating in Broadstone are eligible to join and benefits include: Collective enterprise to improve the economy and business environment. Information, support, representation and influence. Marketing, primarily through this website, but also through other events and initiatives.

Members have set out their expectation to be informed, listened to, supported, represented, and involved.

The membership fee is only £50 per annum.

The Business Community achieves its aspiration in a variety of way but also meets on a quarterly basis to discuss ongoing projects and issues.

The Business Community is affiliated to Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This relationship strengthens our local voice and provides support to members as well as links to the British Chamber of Commerce and Local Enterprise Board.

For contact details and more check out our business page

"Meeting the Broadstone Customer Expectation to feel welcome and respected, to have choice and value, to be satisfied and safe"