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Contact Name: Bradley Proctor
Phone: 01202-339830
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URL: http://www.digitalairwireless.com/wireless-network-services/wireless-site-surveys/new-network-wireless-survey.html


Conducting a wireless survey is essential to correctly implement a WiFi network with 99.999% availability. Too many WiFi networks simply do not work as intended or under-perform. Conducting a professional wireless site survey will save a business both time and money in the long term. Using the latest industry tools, and techniques to map out wireless radio frequency coverage of an intended area; we then provide clients with complete documentation on all aspects of the survey. Only after a professionally conducted wireless survey, will customers be equipped to create a fully scalable and secure wireless network. Detailed in the site survey reports (details below) a complete breakdown of the hardware required to achieve a successful wireless network. This can be of considerable value for network managers that need to allocate a budget in the future. We can conduct a survey with any wireless manufacturer's hardware in mind which is essential for the network design




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