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Published: Jul 4, 2015

By: Simon Merry

Broad’opoly at the Fun Day – Sunday 5th July

High Street stores and other businesses will feature on the Broad’opoly Board at the Chamber of Trade Stall at the Fun Day. Play and be certain of winning a prize donated by your local businesses. Proceeds will support the Christmas Lights Fund as well as the Fields in Trust appeal.

Have your say on the future of Broadstone

Do any of the following statements apply to you….

• I live in Broadstone and care about the place • I would like to see the the Broadway improved • I would like to have a say about how housing is developed • The parking in the Toast Rack drives me mad!

All these things and more are features of the Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan and its approval will be decided by referendum in the not too distant future.

If you are a resident you should have received a consultation brochure during June. This explains how you can influence all of the above issues before the draft plan is finalised.

If you didn’t receive a brochure then you will find one in the Library or on-line at Broadstoneneighbourhood.uk.

Have your say!

News on the Broadway

Charlie Chicken has now opened and a computer support business, Laptop Fixers, is moving into the old Something Special. There is no other news on the few vacant premises. Rumour has it that McCarthy and Stone will not start work on the Retirement Apartments until next year so the businesses on the site are safe for a little longer but uncertainty remains.

Other big news is the change of ownership of Molly's cafe. The seamless transfer took place at the beginning of July and business appears to be - as usual! We welcome the new owners Tina and Malcolm and wish Vikki and Paul best wishes for the future.

Banks are in the news again with a suggested name change for HSBC and uncertainty about branches being lost from many High Streets. Whilst more and more banking is done on-line, for a community like ours here in Broadstone they continue to play and important part daily lives. There are often queues for service so it seems there is plenty of demand.

News just in about one of our Opticians – Keith Tempany has been nominated as President elect of the British Contact Lense Association.

Finally, in June a familiar figure retired from active service after many years supporting local businesses. John Milhofer, a resident of Lower Golf Links Road, has been the Chamber of Trade Membership Secretary for as long as most can remember. No doubt John will continue to be seen in the centre but no longer will he be calling to encourage membership, collect fees, hand out posters and stickers, seek raffle prizes, sell advertising space and conduct a variety of other tasks that make Broadstone a great place to run a business or go shopping. Happy Retirement John!

4000 x 5 x 52 =

Frequent encouragement to shop local isn’t just about loyalty or community and it’s definitey not an emotional marketing ploy on behalf of businesses.

Buying local helps sustain what we have and a drift away to more spending on-line or out of town stores can only contribute to a slow demise of the services that we have here in Broadstone. The Banks are one example. Some stores that people say we need are also good examples – electrical, hardware and haberdashery have all been lost.

But another benefit is sustaining careers, employment and even entrepreneurship for local residents and particularly young people. Full time, job share or part time, work experience, apprenticeships and small businesses opportunities all require the spending support of local people.

If each of the 4,000 Broadstone households diverted an extra £5 of their exisiting spend to broadstone stores each week - over £1 million would stay in the local economy!

Change of Name - Broadstone Business Community

Broadstone Chamber of Trade, which currently represents 90 member businesses, has introduced a modern working title and will be referred to as the 'Broadstone Business Comnmunity'.

“Step into Broadstone and make it your First Choice for Retail, Services and Leisure” Simon Merry Broadstone Business Community simon.merry@thetrustbusiness.com 07806 093793


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