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New Design for the Broadway and other News


Round up of news also published in the Broadstone Link

Published: Jun 4, 2015

By: Simon Merry

New Design for the Broadway

Look out for the leaflet coming through your door this month telling you how you can contribute to future plans for Broadstone. These include suggested designs for the Broadway.

The Neighbourhood Forum is made up of residents as well as businesses and the consultation is your chance to contribute. And yes, the plans do deal with the infamous ‘Toastrack’!

Click here to download the questionnaire on-line.

Candy Chocs Gets a Makeover

One of our most familiar shops on the Broadway, Candy Chocs, has had a makeover. Call in to see the internal refurbishment and the accompanying welcome smile from Raj the proprietor.

New cabinets set off the traditional sweet display, sundry items such as milk and newspapaers as well as greeting cards and stationary.

Other changes in Broadstone include the arrival of the new Charlie’s Chicken outlet in The Broadway and the unfortunate loss of Motor World.

There are rumours that McCarthy and Stone wont start work on the new Retirement home on Palmers Corner until next year. This affects the businesses on the site including The Chiropractic Health Centre, Griffins Funeral Directors, the Health Food shop and, of course, the Post Office. The new plan includes the retention of the Post Office.


That’s how many people have ‘Liked’ the Broadstone Village Facebook page. The page is dedicated to offers and activities in Broadstone Village.

The page is linked to the Free Street Wi-Fi and new aerials have recently been added to improve the service. Broadstone continues to be the only High Street in the area with Free Street Wi-Fi. It provided by Digital Air and the nerw aerials are supported by Tappers Funeral Directors and Forum Jewellers.

Check out the Facebook page and the Village website.

Benches Bringing People Together

Sadly, Broadstone has been unsuccesfull in its bid for £10,000 funding to improve benches and seating in the Village centre. There was a lot of competition for the Aviva Community Fund and we simply did not get enough local votes to get through to the final.

Are you Expectations being Met?

Some time ago we conducted a survey to find out what people expected if they were to spend more time (and money) supporting businesses Broadstone. The popular responses were to feel Welcome, Respected and Safe as well as to have Choice, Value and Satisfaction.

Are your expectations being met? If not, where is the experience letting you down? It would be helpful to know. The forthcoming consultation about the future of the Broadway is an ideal opportunity to say what you want to see and experience. Look out for the consultation coming through your door.


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"Meeting the Broadstone Customer Expectation to feel welcome and respected, to have choice and value, to be satisfied and safe"